Amplify your message

Community Health is an area of health well-being focused on how systems and structures impact our wellbeing. People in this field are concerned with how gaps in support create disparities in our health. It’s an entire field of folks asking “Can we make this better for the people who need it most?” “Can we shift our priorities to make this more fair?” and “How is this system putting people at a disadvantage?”

When you’re up against the status quo, it’s vital to be clear about your message. It’s not easy to break through the bureaucracy, and engaging everyday people requires a strategic approach.

The BC Association of Community Health Centres (BCACHC) came to us with the seeds of a great brand and the desire to ramp up their communications. I came on board to manage communications a few years ago. Through the efforts of a dedicated group of volunteers, the organization already had a make-shift logo and had begun to pilot social media platforms and a website. It was a great start, but BCACHC weas struggling to communicate with clarity and consistency.

A systems approach

With a new small-scale staff team in place, BCACHC was ready to upgrade their communications. I worked with Arcana to set about redesigning the BCACHC brand identity and applying it across a whole ecosystem of applications. BCACHC decided to stick with the concept of their existing logo, but asked us to give it an upgrade, and embed it within a broader brand identity kit.

We kicked off the process with a brand story session, exploring the associations key audiences, relationships, goals, and motivations. I put together a framework to capture the unique personality of BCACHC, and Arcana’s team created a brand palette and type strategy to reflects the BCACHC persona: trusted advocate and creative collaborator.

Today, is a support hub for CHCs, complete with a members portal with exclusive content, as well as a homeĀ  for resources and stories that further awareness of the CHC model. It was a pleasure working with this team, and we look forward to building on the next phase of theĀ site!

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