Story Coaching

Story is an essential component of meaning-making. Rachel’s coaching puts the power of narrative in your hands, working with you to craft a framework for messaging and content development.

This option is great for:

People who are ready to get clear on what they want to say and who they want to engage.

Whether you’re a business owner, a member of an organization, a community leader, or a person trying to share an important message, we are all in need of tools to connect with people meaningfully.

Flexible packages, from a single session to 2-3 months of personalized support

Walk away with clear story pillars that capture what matters, what’s at stake, what you want, and what it will take

Establish key messages, your brand persona and personality, your voice, and analyse your audience’s stories

After being in business for 4+ years, it was finally time to invest back in myself and in some foundational work that often gets missed in the early days of a start-up. I was skeptical at first, not understanding the great value that story strategy can bring to a business, but it’s not overstating it that Rachel completely transformed my business. Part therapy and part strategy, working through the story process brought such great insights to the surface and has helped me ground myself in what we do and why. These are seemingly simple concepts, but so fundamental to consider and articulate thoughtfully, as they impact every element of the rest of our work. Going through this process with Rachel has allowed our business to evolve at a far more rapid pace than ever before, and we can relate to clients from a place of confidence.

– Molly Seaton-Fast, Owner, Arcana Creative


Narrative Workshops

Story is an engaging way to connect and understand each other. Rachel leads workshops on a range of storytelling topics, drawing on her experience in community health, climate anxieties, and communications.

This option is great for:

Groups of all shapes and sizes who want to leverage the power of story.

Find tangible take-aways from Rachel’s customized approach to story workshops with webinars (20 to 60 minutes) and workshops (90 minutes to 3 hours) on a variety of themes. No matter what the circumstances, you can expect to hear about how storytelling engages emotions and mobilizes us. 

Stories that Move Us: Sharing Public Narratives

Brand Story: Capturing the Meaning of your Work

Eco-Anxious Stories: Moving from Anxiety to Agency and Action



Creative Projects

Dwell House partners with Arcana Creative to transform ideas into solutions. Inquire about working together on multi-media, digital, and educational projects. We also host creative works on our project platform, Eco-Anxious Stories, where we specialize in narrative content about climate change and mental health.

This option is great for:

Those who care about connecting with people.

Sharing stories that resonate meaningfully with audiences means getting creative. Through our partnership with Arcana Creative, Dwell House has the skills and collaborative capacity to bring your story to life through digital, print, and interactive project designs. 

Print and Digital Design, from infographics to stickers, learning tools to social media plans and more

Brand Development, including brand story development, brand strategy and visual tookits

Website Creation, from strategy to development, ecommerce functions, graphic design, and custom photography