Value For You

Why would you take time to start with story?


It’s tempting to dive in on a project and start trying to come up with messages, content, designs, visuals, or written material. But eventually, you hit a wall and ask yourself: What am I really trying to say here? What is this actually all about?

Working with Rachel on your story saves you the time and energy it takes to circle back to square one. Her discovery process gives you a strong foundation, resulting in a clear framework for expressing your ideas.

If you work with a team, story workshops are an effective tool for getting on the same page, laying out our shared identities and goals, and igniting imagination about where we’re headed together.

Storytelling isn’t a formula, but we can show you how to harness the power of narrative to make your message clearer and your life easier.

Is story strategy for me?

I’m doing important work but I struggle to share the impact I’m creating day to day.

I want to make a shift in how I talk about my motivation and my vision.

I’m exploring a brand, business idea, project, or campaign, and I want to start with an engaging, human-centred strategy.

I play a leadership role and I want to bring my team together around common values and a shared sense of purpose

I’m in a place of transition and I need someone to help me make sense of my evolving story.

I want to get strategic about engaging with my audience, their stories, and my role in their lives.

Story is an essential component of communication, and its applications are limitless.

If you’re interested in exploring a narrative approach, get in touch!