Why Story?

Whether you’re a business owner, a member of an organization, a community leader, or a person trying to share an important message, we are all in need of tools to connect with people meaningfully.

Narrative is a universal element of being a human – it is the language of meaning and the building blocks of connection. Story structure provides a framework for connecting to emotions, identities, and mobilizing messages. Discover your character, your personality, your archetype, and your unique relationship to the story you’re living.

Rachel’s approach taps into the heart of your project and helps you articulate the values that shape your motivations, choices, and purpose. She builds on the work of sociologist Marshall Ganz to explore both personal and public narratives, looking at the challenge, the choice point, the outcome, and the moral of your story. 

There are many ways to think about story structure, and each culture has a unique way of sharing stories. Rachel uses a 3-Act Story framework to explore the mobilizing moments between the key turning points in your narrative. Together, we’ll look at the specific dynamics of your story answer the questions:

What matters? What’s at stake? What do we want? What will it take? 


What Matters?

What's at Stake?

What Do We Want?

What Will it Take?

Get grounded in the context, values, and relationships that shape your story so that you can communicate with confidence and clarity.